Kuivuus Sao Paulossa

Sao Paulo Drought Perception Impedes Government Action

Transparency , accountability, and civic participation are key to improving Sao Paulo’s water security.

Sao Paulo drought Cantareira reservoir Brazil

Photo courtesy Ninja Midia via Flickr Creative Commons
Sao Paulo’s Cantareira Reservoir system, shown here in November 2014, is currently 22 percent full as the region enters its annual dry season.Click image to enlarge.

By: Codi Kozacek
Circle of Blue

Sao Paulo is a paradox of water scarcity and abundance. Brazil’s largest city, located in a region that averages 25 more inches of rain each year than Seattle, is gripped by the worst drought in 80 years. Since the drought began last year, Sao Paulo has struggled to provide water to its 20 million residents.

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